Porridge project

Porridge children

Rutonde district is the Presbyterian Church Parish of Pastor Zacharie Mboyi. The Parish is 10 kilometers from Kigali and a fifty minute journey by vehicle. Poverty among local families is easy to see.

It is here that we started our 'Porridge' project. In October 2013, we started providing a daily meal for under-fed children in the Rutonde area. The project was later expanded to the neighbouring parish of Rimwe. Together, the projects have fed over 500 children. Goats have been distributed around the poorest families in the two areas. These provide a sustainable source of income as well as food.

As well as porridge, the children have been given medical scanning at the local doctor's surgery. The family of each child is given a rabbit for breeding. Rabbits provide a resource which can be eaten, sold at market or used for breeding.

After almost five years we have seen very positive results. The goats which have been distributed have reproduced. Several sets of twins have been born. The regular feeding is having a positive effect on the children which lasts beyond their time on the project. The rabbits are providing an important income source.

The project has attracted the attention of the local authorities at Rutonde. In 2014 they were able to meet their malnutrition targets for the local area because of the project.

Please help us to keep this project running. In an area of Rwanda where there is no employment and little opportunity for families to sustain themselves, this work is making a real difference.