Two children

Our porridge project feeds malnourished children and provides medical screening. The children's families are given rabbits and goats which are bred and sold. This enables the families to generate an income.

We send children to school who would not otherwise have the opportunity. Even basic education is too expensive for many families.

We help widows set up in business so that they can generate an income to support their families.

Widows in business

Widows in business

The over-arching goal of Mission Rwanda is to relieve poverty. We aim to move people from hunger and vulnerability to being able to provide for themselves. If this was easy the problem would have been solved a long time ago.


School children

Nyamirambo is an expanding district on the southern perimeter of Kigali city. The area boasts a fine mosque and a football stadium. Less famously, Nyamirambo is known as being one of the rougher areas of the city.

Porridge project

Porridge project

Rutonde district is the Presbyterian Church Parish of Pastor Zacharie Mboyi. The Parish is 10 kilometers from Kigali and a fifty minute journey by vehicle. Poverty among local families is easy to see.