Some normality returns

Children being fed

Rwanda, like the rest of the world has endured now two years of Covid pandemic and the lockdowns needed to keep infections under control. In terms of deaths and cases, the country has perhaps fared better than many but this does not mean that the impact on the poorest has not been significant. Shops, transport and schools are now opening up again and life is returning, at least for now, to some form of normality.

Our Children's Day Care project at Rugende has restarted after having been closed during lockdowns. Uniforms for the children have been bought along with new desks and equipment. Each day the children are brought by their mothers who can then go to work, usually in the local fields. Work is wherever it can be found and isn't guaranteed having food at home for the children at home isn't a certainty either. Each day the project provides the children with a cooked meal.

To keep all this running, two teachers give the children a basic education as well as games while a cook prepares the food.