Life in the garden


Life is full of frustrations, which we try not to mention too often. One such is the supply of electricity (or lack of) which frequently means that we can't always (or even can't often) get on with what we had planned. So when we are looking for something to occupy ourselves with, there is often reward to be had out of taking the camera into the back garden.

It has to be said that the wildlife in Africa isn't as timid as you might think. Birds fly in and out of the house quite happily. There is a pair building its nest on the top of the partition wall as I speak, one of which was quite happy looking at me from three feet away as I typed at the laptop the other day.

At the bottom of the garden is a family of crows that serve as the local bin men. We throw our kitchen rubbish on the heap and they clear it away very efficiently.

In the tree next door are large parrot-like creatures that screech like monkeys and skim over the roof with their long tails.

Here is a selection of the visitors to our garden. The big ugly one at the bottom is one of the bin men.