Children in hut

Nyamirambo is an expanding district on the southern perimeter of Kigali city. The area boasts a fine mosque and a football stadium. Less famously, Nyamirambo is known as being one of the rougher areas of the city.

It was in Nyamirambo that we started our street-children work in 2009. The project took in youngsters who had been found on the street. Some had attended school previously but none were doing so at the time. For various reasons the youngsters had drifted away from their families.

The project started feeding the children and sending them to school. They were reunited with their families and their mothers were given help to start small income-earning businesses.

All the Nyamirambo children are now attending secondary school or have completed vocational training.

Our plan is to support these children until they complete their education. With your help we are confident that some will reach college or university. If we can succeed in that aim we will know we have been able to make a real difference in their lives.

Mission Rwanda also sponsors children in a district to the east of Kigali with the help of Loanhead Parish Church. None of these children could afford to go to school without this support.