Mama Mellisa learns to sew

Woman with sewing machine

Recently, funds were provided to buy sewing machines for a group of women. We had done this before and had seen how this could transform lives. One lady, Mama Jackson, had struggled to feed her family as a widow. Within a few months of being given a machine she was producing clothes to sell and a range of craft products which also earned her money.

Mama Mellisa is one of the group who were given machines and cloth to learn with. She is not at the point yet where she can produce clothes to sell but she is able to make tops for her children which they would not have otherwise.

Life for these women is difficult enough but the appearance of Covid-19 in Rwanda has meant lockdown just as in many other countries. Even where short-term work might have been found, public transport has been suspended and travel restrictions have been imposed. Markets have also been closed.

For the time being, the families we are supporting are being given food supplies until some form of normality returns. In the meantime, our group have some space to learn a skill that will enable them to earn enough to feed their families without us.