An early Christmas meal

Christmas meal

Loanhead Church have been sponsoring a group of children to go to school for a number of years now. One of the reasons for coming to Rwanda at this time of year is to organise school fees for these and other children that are being put through school.

In past years this trip has been undertaken in January but for various reasons decided to come in December this year. So with Christmas only two weeks away we decided to give the Loanhead group a Christmas meal. Turkeys in Rwanda aren't so common and there was no Christmas pudding. Instead the children were given a full plate piled high with rice, beans, cabbage and potatoes. Instead of turkey there was beef.

For these children any kind of meat is a luxury and luxuries don't come along too often. They were asked when they last ate meat and all of them answered that it was last Christmas.

After the meal there were some gifts and sweets to be handed round which the children enjoyed. toys and sweets fall into the luxury category and these youngsters were very pleased to have something to play with.