A new porridge project at Rugende

Building a kitchen

Inkurunziza Rugende is a small church some 5 kilometres outside of Kigali on the road east. Inkurunziza translates as 'Good News'. The church is run by the enthusiastic and energetic Paster Josue. For a number of months now we have been discussing with Josue how the church might take on a Mission Rwanda porridge project. With the mechanics thrashed out, building work to construct a new kitchen has started. A first batch of children have been selected from the local area and examined by a doctor. The general condition of each child has been recorded before they start the programme. The children have been selected because they are underfed or suffering from malnutrition. Once the project starts, each child will receive a daily fortified meal for six months and their health monitored. The aim of he porridge project is to reach out to the children's families and enable them to start generating an income which will provide a regular and sufficient diet.