A new pastor for Rutonde

A new pastor for Rutonde

It is with some sadness that we bid farewell to Pastor Jean d'Amour who has been looking after Rutonde Parish for the Presbyterian Church. He has gone to seek pastures new. His replacement is the experienced Zacharie Mboyi who has come in with many good ideas.

Despite being a Pastor, Zacharie has something of an engineering background and has spent many years in education. We should get on well with him. When Zacharie is not on duty in the Parish he is teaching other pastors about entrepreneurship. This has led to discussions about how we might encourage the widows in Rutonde and Remwe to start up in business.

Zacharie has been in the job only two months but has already made an impact. Rwanda is coming to the end of one of the longest dry seasons that people can remember. The Pastor has set up a field full of crop 'pods' using old grain sacks to build up mounds of earth like wedding cakes. Down the centre of each cake is a column of rocks into which water is poured. This technique  allows crops to be grown in weeks whilst making best use of valuable water. The ground between the mounds is not wasted. This is used to grow crops such as marrows, water-mellon and cucumber.

We look forward to working with Zacharie as we continue to develop our porridge project in Rutonde and Remwe.