The Meg Foundation school at Kinamba

The Meg Foundation school at Kinamba

The Kinamba district of Kigali lies on a precipitous hillside which runs down to the Nyabugogo river. The buildings are cut into the hill and have entrance driveways which are best tackled by mountain goats. One of these is the Meg Foundation school which provides nursery education for local children.

Besides schooling, the children are fed. For some this is the only food they receive. The feeding programme is in part funded from a cooperative of women in the school who produce and sell traditional crafts. Some of these women have had to resort to prostitution in the past and their children now attend the school. As well as helping to support the work the school is doing, the women in the cooperative are able to earn an income from their work.

So today I have come to Kinamba to collect a rucksack full of crafts to support the women and the work at the Meg Foundation. As well as traditional Rwandan agaseke baskets, the women have designed an attractive range of articles including some new and very colourful laptop bags.

Three weeks ago I left an order with Epiphany who works at the school and organises the women. As the order is checked off, she sits with one of the cooperative who marks everything down in a large notebook working out the division between each of the women. Many of the products are padded so the stuffed rucksack looks a lot heavier than it actually is.

With three days to go until my flight home, the crafts will sit in my Scripture Union room until it is time to pack bags and head to the airport. Much of this tour has been spent either travelling or sitting waiting but we have achieved all that we set out to do four weeks ago. The luggage came to Rwanda packed with clothes for new-born babies. It will go back filled with Rwandan crafts and the knowledge that we have been able to help a very worthwhile cause.