Travelling from Kigali to Rwamagana takes an hour by bus. Learning how to pronounce the place takes slightly longer.

Rwamagana is a modest market town on the road east to Tanzania. This will be our base for the next week and puts us within striking distance of Kibungo which is where we are headed tomorrow. This is the first town of any size this side of the capital. It boasts a hospital and several banks, although more modest than their head offices in Kigali. A market can be found behind the main street which is faintly reminiscent of Nyamirambo with its Muslim head-scarves. The white mosque can be seen in the distance on the edge of town.

The surrounding countryside is very much rural and every inch is cultivated. Banana plantations take up more space with beans making up ground cover interspersed with plots of sorghum. This is the stuff the one brewery in Rwanda turns into a very respectable continental lager.

The main reason for coming to investigate this part of the country is to take a look at the surrounding countryside to see if there are opportunities to expand the charity's schooling or micro-finance projects.