Project expansion

Project expansion

One of the reasons for this trip to Rwanda is to find suitable partners that we can work with. To that end we have come to Rwamagana and today met with Gasore Constatin, the Senior Pastor of the Evangelical Restoration Church.

The church runs its own school, built by the parents of the children who attend there and run with funding from an international organisation. Sadly that money has stopped and the church is struggling to continue running the school from its own resources. 240 primary pupils attend, half in the morning, half in the afternoon.

As ever in Rwanda, widows struggle to find food for their families. A number of those who belong to the church are diagnosed as HIV positive. These women get priority for training and assistance with setting themselves up in business. We visited a small workshop where women are taught how to sew and which gives them an opportunity to sell the garments that they make.

In an economy where there is little money and employment opportunities are few, many families find life difficult. Assistance such as given by the Restoration church is often essential in enabling families to become economically self-sufficient.