Flitting the Rwandan way


They were supposed to be moving out on Boxing Day, but 'the appointed day' doesn't translate into Kinyarwanda. Our street children's project has been going through the motions of moving on since before Christmas, but at last this week we seem to be seeing some action.

To be fair, everything has hinged on finding mama Seth (pronounced Setti) a house for herself and the three children she has agreed to look after. We thought we had a place for her and everything seemed set up until Bronwen made the mistake of going to visit with Jungle, our project manager. When the owner of the house saw that a musumgo was involved, the rent shot up. We weren't playing that game and left him to ponder over Christmas.

Last week he came back to Jungle and said he would accept the original offer, so the other day Jungle and mama Seth went along to settle the lease. They were kept waiting for two hours and eventually when the owner came to the house, he put the price up again. This was the day before the rearranged date when project was supposed to move out of the current house, so pressure was mounting.

Those who remember the dark Satanic mills of the 1990's will remember the Japanese philosophy of the time called 'Just in time' or JIT. Mostly things happened JTFL (Just too flipping late) but to hand it to the Rwandans they always seem able to pull a rabbit out of a hat when it matters. True to form, we found another house for mama Seth which, as it happens, is nearer the school where most of the children will be starting a new term next week.

So hopefully all's well that ends well. The old house should have been cleared yesterday, Mama Seth along with her son Seth, Yves and Mussa should be into their new home and all the children are eagerly looking forward to going back to school, not.