A new home


Our new project house is an improvement on the old one although it is smaller. The high stone wall has been replaced by a cane fence and concrete has been replaced by earth. Aside from some greenery that was missing up the hill there is an avocado tree here, and even better, a rope swing hanging from one of the branches. Someone has built a den out of old bits of wood leaning against the trunk and the fence.

When we arrived for our first visit, the place was still being tidied up by the kids. Moussa had been given the job of shifting earth with a wheelbarrow. Two of the other children were setting about hacking the undergrowth back with machetes. A ten year-old swinging a two-foot blade in bare feet doesn't bear thinking about, but as we keep reminding ourselves, this is Africa.

Everything seems to have made it down the hill from the old place. The three-piece suite built by the locals is now installed in the biggest room. The children's mats are laid out neatly on the floor, but not quite as neatly as their clothes, which is how most children's bedrooms probably should look. The hen coop with it's wire mesh has been carried along, but not assembled. There are no chickens. We are guessing they were easier to eat than carry.