From worst English to best Scots


Entertainment in these part is hard to come by unless you count trying to get as many people as possible into a taxi-bus. We are therefore very pleased to discover that if we hurry down to our local hostelry early enough on a Thursday evening, we get the children's television from home. An added advantage is that we also get to eat at a reasonable time. It takes at least an hour to stoke up the barbecue, kill a goat, turn it to cubes and reduce those to carbon.

Last week we were treated to the Telly Tubbies (see English as it is spoke). This week, who should be on screen but Miss Hoolie and the rest of the team from Balamory. People at home would have appreciated this week's story. The village was covered in snow, skis were out and PC Plum was on the beat with a pair of tennis racquets tied to his boots. It was nice to see a bit of seasonal white stuff, but the show (and the snow) was lost on the locals. Their loss.