The INN Club

The INN Club

The club has been running for almost two weeks now and is proving very popular with the local youngsters. So far, ninety children have attended with 30 to 40 each day. Ages range from three to thirteen presenting something of a challenge in keeping them occupied at once.

The children are given a mix of drawing activities, games and Bible teaching over two hours each morning. There are also plans to start teaching English.

We seem to have attracted the attention of local mothers who have asked us to start a crèche to allow them to look for work. We are looking at ways in which we might be able to provide this.

It has to be said, there is an ulterior motive in running the club. Among the youngsters coming each day are a number who we have been able to identify as having no permanent home or else a home where they aren’t being fed. These youngsters will be included in our feeding programme which we hope to start shortly.