Road building


We are coming to realise that living in Africa presents a variety of opportunities to indulge in activities not usually available at home. Already this week we have been able to play at ‘Let’s get the water tank filled before it rains again.’ which is also good for early morning aerobics. It also involves getting wet.

Today’s game is ‘Let’s build up the track so that when it rains again we can get the vehicle out.’ (You should have the idea by now that rain plays an important part in the life of the Rwandese.) Very nearly, the only flat land in Kigali is occupied by a river that flows through the city. Everywhere else is on a slope, usually a steep one, including the track into our house. This past week has seen some very heavy rain which loosens up the soil nicely and lets us slide the vehicle gracefully down the hill and through the gates. Except that Thursday evening was a little less than graceful and left the track well and truly churned up by spinning wheels trying to avoid sliding into a neighbour’s wall.

So today in some hot sun we are using a pile of rocks from the corner of the garden to build something that might give us some grip when attempting re-entry. Here in Africa you are short of nothing you can build yourself.