A new arrival

A new arrival

This one is a little late but we would like to announce the arrival into the world of little Charlotte Uwimana. Sadly, Charlotte, at six months old, is showing us why there are so many orphans in Rwanda.

A little over a week ago, one of the members of the CAN Cooperative, a young man of twenty-three, woke to find a baby left ouside his house. The police were called but it seems are unlikely to take any action. We learnt of the situation yesterday and paid a visit.

In a community of closely set buildings we found a two-roomed house with a curtain serving as the front door. Most of the front room was taken up by a table on which Charlotte was being entertained by the man's girlfriend. The baby was happy and seemed well fed which had been our primary concern.

Charlotte is perhaps fortunate. Although the youth has no income he has at least been able to feed her. The girlfriend's family it seems has money. This is the way of life in Rwanda. Children come into the world, as they do everywhere, but not necessarily to parents with the means to look after them.

When saw the baby we found that she hadn't been given a name. We chose Uwimana, meaning 'God's gift'. Rwandans don't have a family name. Instead they have a first name and a second which is usually European. Charlotte sounded good. We hope she will be well looked after and that her future will be more auspicious than her past.