Real progress at Rutonde

Real progress at Rutonde

When we last visited our Porridge project at Rutonde we met the new Pastor in the Parish, Zacharie Maboyi, and heard of all the good ideas he had. We were also able to tell him of our plans for monitoring the impact our project was having on the local community.

It hasn't taken long for Zacharie to get to work. A fresh intake of children came onto the project in October. They were given a health screening and their conditions noted. The ability of each child's family to support itself was also recorded. This week we have seen already that the feeding programme has improved the health of the weakest children.

The project helps the families of the children that it feeds. Zacharie is building on this by showing the local women how to make the most of the little soil they have, and more importantly, how to make best use of what little rainfall occurs. The results are literally blooming with crops being harvested for food. We saw carrots, beetroot, onions, cabbage, watermelon, plants used in sauces and much more.

We were able to sample the harvest for ourselves. It has become customary when we visit Rutonde for the Elders to prepare lunch for us. This has usually been goat brochettes and chips. Now there is nothing wrong with brochettes and chips, but this time we were treated to a real spread, fresh from the garden. - the healthy option.

So, Rutonde is not only eating more, it is eating better as well. We are able to look forward to the day that the children in the area will no longer need their diet to be supplemented by us.