Another visit approaches

Rwanda hills

The Scottish Spring has turned into fast-approaching Autumn in what seems like a blink of an eye. It is no time at all since our visit to the projects in January and we are already planning the next trip. Flights are booked and we will be heading off in a couple of weeks. Most of September will be spent in and around Kigali.

The highlight of this trip will be the wedding of Steven and Dian. Steven is a long-time friend and this promises to be a special day.

Besides taking part in wedding ceremonies, the porridge project at Rutonde is drawing to a close and a decision needs to be made about where to go next with that. We know there will be no shortage of places needing help so we will be talking with the Presbyterian Church about where the project might be taken.

We won't be saying goodbye to Rutonde altogether. In the past few months a women's co-operative has been started there with our help and we are keen to see that become established and flourish. The idea is that once the porridge comes to an end, the community will be left with something that they can own, grow and take responsibility for. The co-operative will be a common resource to allow the women of Rutonde to build self-sustaining lives for themselves and their families.

In the meantime, the packing has started in earnest.