This week I am staying in Rwamagana, an hour's bus ride to the east of Kigali. The rains seem to have well and trully disappeared and the air has become hot and dusty.

Life is basic here. There is no water in the taps at the moment other than every few days for an hour or so. This makes the morning splash very simple.
A little water from a jerry can poured into a plastic basin does the job.

Near where I am staying is the Evangelical Restoration church. Last year, Loanhead Parish Church provided new uniforms for the nursery school run by the church. We were stopped by one class on their way with the teacher to afternoon sports.

Today we met with the widows group that Mission Rwanda helped a couple of years ago. The news was mixed. Two ladies were not able to meet us. One has not been able to run her business lately because last week she gave birth to a little girl. Another was not able to come to the meeting because she has cancer and is needing to go to Uganda for treatment. A complication is that she also has HIV.

The six women in the group were struggling to feed their families a couple of years ago. We provided funds for them to set up several businesses, and with the exception of the two missing ladies, these are still going well. In fact the women still working have been able to invest in a cow and contribute to help the the other two women.

We have said we will provide funds for the group to buy another cow and help the lady who is ill to get treatment. A cow provides milk, and nourishment, for the woman's children. Surplus milk can also be sold along with manure.

Today, like many other days in Africa, didn't turn out as expected. We had hoped for rain and found dust. Even better would have been news of a mutual savings scheme which was set up last year for the widows. Instead, the income the women are earning is being drained by the troubles of their friends. Life can only improve.