Back into the heat (and wet)

Back into the heat (and wet)

Africa is nothing if not unpredictable and Rwanda is no exception. Stepping off the plane on Wednesday evening, the temperature in Kigali was lower than Edinburgh had been two days before, and it was raining. Two days before in Edinburgh, it wasn't raining but that almost certainly won't last for long. What Edinburgh didn't have was forked lightning. Welcome to Kigali in the dry season.

The first few days of a visit to Rwanda are invariably spent setting up communications, arranging meetings and getting one's bearings. With more heavy rain in the air on Thursday morning nothing was ging to get done quickly. Eventually the storm cleared and we were able to head into town to pick up what we needed. There is usually some change to upset well-laid plans. This time, our old mobile SIM cards have been deactivated by the Rwandan government. To use a mobile phone now it is necessary to hand over the passport and register a new number.

Next week is starting to fall into shape. Jean Pierre at CPR is as busy as ever and we will meet with him over the weekend. Contact has been made with Pastor Immaculee from the Rutonde project and we will meet with her in Kigali before going out to see the goats that were given to families in the village. Somewhere along the way there will be a visit to Rwamagana and the Restoration Church school before heading into the east of Rwanda and Kibungo where more goats need to be looked at.

Each return to Rwanda brings new surprises. The airport now has an escalator, the city centre seems to have been cleared of beggars. What used to be the dry season is now the wet season. Hopefully that isn't going to stop us getting round all the people we have to visit.