Rutonde update

Rutonde update

Pastor Immaculee is an energetic and driven woman. Her parish is at Rutonde, north of Kigali where we are helping her to provide for the poorest children. She greeted us in her usual effervescent style.

The 'Goat and Porridge' project was launched in October. Goats were provided for ten widows and a programme of daily porridge started for the children that need it. A larger charity, Compassion International' are running a project in the village but have a policy of taking only one child from each family. With several large families under the Pastor's care, not everyone is being cared for.

In December we paid a visit to the project to be met with good and bad news. Children were being fed, which was what we wanted to see. Less encouragingly, one of the goats had been stolen. The animals are tethered when they are put out to graze so are easy targets for anyone with their eye on a goat. Thanks to donations to the project on the run-up to Christmas we were able to replace the missing beast.

More goats were purchased for the village and arrangements made for a children's trip to the local surgery. Several of the youngsters are malnourished and the surgery is able to offer a screening programme.

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