Goats and porridge

Goats and porridge

What we thought would pass as a quiet summer turned out being spend organising the launch of our latest project in Rutonde, north of Kigali.

In partnership with the Eglise Presbyterienne we have started as a six month pilot, which has been called the goat and porridge project. It might have been the name of a pub somewhere but these are real goats and real porridge.

The goats have been bought for six families in the village. The short term benefit is that there will be manure to sell. The longer term strategy is that the animals will multiply themselves providing meat and income into the future. We hope to see the first kids in something over a year's time.

The porridge is a daily feeding programme the poorest children of the village to provide them with a daily meal.

Having set the project rolling, we are asking for donations to help Rutonde village. If you are able, please make a donation.