Nomads on the move (again)


Those of you who are familiar with this blog will have picked up that the place we are staying is not exactly a humming metropolis. So to report that things have been quiet this week isn't much in the way of news. But at Children's Sure House School where it is the end of term, things have been even quieter than normal. The senior pupils have been away on study leave for the past two weeks and exams for the rest of the school finished this week. Definitely wind-down time.

So for the long Christmas holidays we are off on our travels again and heading back to sunny Rwanda. Our plans are to stay there until the new year (must dig out 'Happy New Year' in Kinyarwanda) before returning to Kiwangala to pick up with the school and our widows' groups here.

There are some Christmas gifts which have been sent to the street children from home and we are looking forward to catching up with them over their school holidays. There is the new income-generation restaurant to visit and Julie, our minister at Eglise Presbyterienne is waiting with the bags we didn't manage to take away with us.

We never thought we would look forward to getting back to the big city even if a traffic jam at the Kigali centre roundabout is only three cars long. Just being able to taste cheese again will be worth the bus fare across the border.