Street children - Phase 2

Steet children - Phase 2

Well, we had to think long and hard about this, but know that it is the right thing to do. We spent the first three months of our time in Kigali understanding the needs of the people that we came to help. One of the most vulnerable groups we came across were orphans and street children.

In December we launched our street children’s project and started providing a daily lunch to between twenty and thirty kids. We also had been spending time talking to others in the city who are working with children. What we learned was that in order to give these children any hope of living a life out of poverty, simply feeding them each day wasn’t enough. They also need an education, but are unlikely to go to school if they have no home to go from. Another problem is that learning is not easy when one is hungry. If we are to make any difference at all, we need to provide for all these needs

So, phase two of the project has been initiated in the form of a house where the street children from our feeding programme can be given a secure home. We found a suitable property owned by a local doctor who dropped his rent when he heard what we were doing and we collected the keys today.

The children will be given breakfast and an evening meal as well as their lunch with the others. School starts again after the long Christmas holidays and we will need to find places for the children who are able to attend. The ultimate objective is to find permanent foster homes and so free up places for other children off the street.

Watch this space