Some sad news


Sadly, we have to report two deaths in the house today.

The first was our house lizard (called Lizzie, what else?) who has been climbing the walls and hanging from the ceiling for the past few weeks. Bronwen found her under a case in the bedroom this morning, her light green scales turning a curious shade of grey. The cat will probably miss her most. Lizzie was always just a foot higher up the wall than the cat could jump. Bronwen climbs the walls as well but the cat can jump higher than that.

The second death was one of our bottle-brush caterpillars. I found her inside my shoe this morning after trying to put it on. This was probably the same caterpillar that the cat had been playing with yesterday evening. The slug which was black and hairy on the outside turned out to be a bright shade of lizard green and not so hairy on the inside. The less said the better.

Both bodies were disposed of gracefully out on the grass.