School's out


Once again, end of term is on us and the streets are full with children who were there anyway as well as the ones that are happily without classes for the next two months.

After two terms in front of a blackboard our bunch are starting to look more like their classmates than when we first found them, which is good news.

There are four new faces in the house: Richard, Junior, David and three year old Tony. They are brothers brought to us by their mother who lives locally. The father died four years ago and because he was in the army the children are given free school places. The mother has no income though, and frequently the children were going to school hungry. The four are now fed with the rest of the street kids and go home to sleep with their mother at night.

End of term gives the project every mother's nightmare - what to do with the children over the holidays. Some of the kids need a little holiday homework to get them caught up with the rest of the class, which won't be good news for them, but will hopefully avoid having to do their year again.

The staff on the project have set up a programme of holiday activities including sport (we found some rugby balls), hand crafts, music and Sunday school. Bronwen is geared up with her English classes and will be helping to keep the youngsters occupied with games and other amusements.

No doubt the holidays will fly past, but we suspect more for the children than for the adults!