Making the most of opportunities


Tuesday was Teacher's Day in Rwanda so most of the schools were closed. The teachers were heading to the big stadium in Nyamirambo to listen to speeches and then hopefully go back to their schools for some kind of refreshment as a thank you for their hard work over the last year. Whether or not the latter actually happened, I don't know, but at least the rest of the day was their's.

I decided to head for Nyamirambo as well. Not to the stadium but to the street children's house. If the schools were off then I would find the children there. During term time it is difficult to know where the children are and when. They attend four different primary schools, some in the mornings others in the afternoon. So this was the first real chance I had had in the six weeks since we had returned to Rwanda.

They were all well and looking for something to do. A bag of marbles, I managed to spill all over the living room floor was divided out by one of the staff  and they went off in small groups to play in the compound at the back of the house, while I caught up with what had been going on in recent weeks.

Next, I produced a sheet of songs out of my bag. I have been collecting these songs over the last year and teaching them to the various groups of children I work with. They are a good way for them to learn and improve their English and Rwandans love to sing. The children also sang a song for me that had been written by some of the members of the youth co-operative, and that they had performed in their church a few weeks ago.

Before a lunch of rice, beans and vegetables, there was time for them to colour in pictures I had brought  and to further practice their English. Obviously exhausted by their busy morning they went for a lie down to renew their batteries before, I am told,  they would go off to play football.

There are only another 3 weeks until the end of term when I am sure I will be back on a more regular basis to spend time telling them bible stories, singing songs and helping them prepare for a new school year.