Looking for a new home


The boys are on the move. Yesterday we took ourselves into the hills above Kigali to look for a new home for the street children. Unfortunately, we are having to move out of our house in Nyamirambo and need to look for another home.

We aren't quite looking for a place out among the bananas, but the track over the mountain and out of Kigali proper was the shortest route to a village where we may be able to settle.

Our track took us up to some 6,000 feet where we found panoramic views of the city below us. Nyamirambo is not prosperous by any measure, but the small hamlets we passed on the mountainside are poorer yet. There is no electricity here and children fetch water in 2 litre plastic juice bottles. Some of the children look well cared for; others could use some soap. None look as if they have a second set of clothes.

Dieudonne, one of our house parents, has been to our prospective village already and has been welcomed be the local chief executive. They have an empty school which he would like someone to use and appear to be very welcoming. Let's see if we can afford the rent.