Drying out


We are definitely in trouble. While folks at home have been enjoying sledges and snow-ball fights, moisture in our part of Kigali is becoming a distant memory.

A month ago we had a full tank of water. Since then we have been steadily eating (or drinking) our way into it. There is probably less than a week's supply left so the kitchen floor did without it's usual slop out this week. There have been a couple of short cloud bursts but nothing to fill our reserves.

In theory, we should be able to fill the water tank from the mains but with no water in the pipes that prospect is looking ever more remote.

We were in Nyamirambo the other day at the street children's house. The heavens did indeed open briefly; but looking across the valley, it was clear that not much was falling at home. We have a very peculiar weather system here.

When the rain fell in Nyamirambo, we were paid an unexpected visit from the military. A platoon of soldiers had been passing the house just as it started to rain, and the first thing they do is disappear into the first house they come to. It surely can't be a secret that if anyone wants to fight Rwanda they needn't bother with guns. A couple of hose-pipes and some water pistols would see any invading army into Kigali in a day.