A weekend away


This week's post is a little late. We missed the Bruce Davies concert on Friday and our only excuse was that it was our wedding anniversary, so we took a couple of days on the coast to celebrate.

The coast in Rwanda is Lake Kivu out in the west. Our church, Eglise Presbyterienne own a guest house which sits on the shore looking out over palm trees and an archipelago of tropical  islands. Yesterday we took a boat out around the coast to do a bit of site-seeing and weren't disappointed.

First stop was the big Napoleon's Island to see the birds. The place gets its name from its distinctive outline - exactly like Bonie's hat. We landed on a rocky inlet and were led up an even rockier path to see the bird colony circling around the island's peak. Except that once we arrived, we had to explain to our boatman that these weren't birds but bats.They weren't small either and the sky above our heads was filled with their screeching.

Next stop was the smaller Amahoro Island where Bronwen was told she could swim from a beach. This one was was tiny. Robinson Crusoe would have recognised the vegetation but would have been bored out of his skull inside twenty minutes. It took us barely ten minutes to walk around the circumference but what the island lacked in size, it made up for in wildlife. There were plenty of ibis feeding from the rocks along the shore. A monster of a green locust scuttled across the path in front of us while cormorants could be seen skimming the water's surface. We had been told that Amahoro has a langur monkey and a cow. The cow was there, along with a young calf but I have my doubts about the monkey.