A creche or a playgroup?


The days are counting down to the launch of our creche at the hall in Nyamirambo. We have been waiting for the older children to return to school after the “Christmas” holidays. (end of October – 2nd February).  To be fair, they are not usually that long, but the government have been running a refurbishment project and the primary age children have had an extended break. I understood Monday was to be the day, but learnt earlier in the week that that is a public holiday, so Tuesday it is.

The idea is that Mission Rwanda will cover the set up costs, I will oversee the administration and general running of the creche, at least in the short-run,  the youth group will provide the hall,  and it will then be an income generating project for some of the mamas who were volunteers at the INN club. These ladies really need the money. One of them was told she would be evicted on Christmas Eve. A generous donation has forstalled that but she needs to find a means of earning a living. She is unable to read or write, has a pre-school child at home and two or three (I’m not sure which) others in an orphanage.

The creche is to be called Playgroup Imana Ni Nzeza. With hindsight, “Creche” sounded as if we were offering a more comprehensive service than is the case. We have purchased a few mats for the children to sit on while they are playing with jigsaws and interlocking bricks. There is a small blackboard in the hall, the children’s Kinyarwanda bible and story books we bought for the INN club and activity sheets which I am able to download from US and UK Christian web-sites. An AIDS charity not far from the hall has a small playground where we can take the children when they are not playing with balls and skipping ropes in the hall grounds. The ladies have been picking up the english choruses that I have been teaching the children over the last few months. If they don’t know all the words they can certainly do the actions. Kinyarwanda songs and dancing will also be included,  if Friday’s INN club is anything to go by. There will also be a snack provided before the children go home at around 11.30.

Please pray for the success of the playgroup, that the parents who have been requesting the service will bring their children along, and the mamas will earn enough to make a difference in their lives. Also pray for any communication difficulties we may encounter and that I manage to pick up the key Kinyarwanada phrases that I need.