Lunch is definitely the theme for today. On my road into town and driving slowing to avoid a taxi bus, in front of me was a man taking his goat for a walk. There he was, striding out with a rope around the animal’s neck and the said goat trotting along quite happily. Now, goats in Africa are seen either in herds or individually. I have yet to prove the theory, but suspect that goats being led somewhere on their own don’t enjoy a long lifespan. Lunch.

So at Nyamirambo, today is the day we have been working towards. Lunchtime porridge is being served to the list of street children we have been accumulating over the past few weeks. The recipe has been tried out at the INN Club, Bronwen’s daily Bible class. One or two logistics have still to be sorted out, like having water connected at the hall, but otherwise everything is now in place.

The porridge itself is a gruel-like mixture based on maize with other nutrients and sugar added. Like our own porridge, it takes a bit of cooking and a while after before it cools down sufficiently to be eaten. The mix is very filling and it is telling that the children come back for seconds and thirds. Today they were also given bread rolls and our plan is to vary this with fruit.

Getting the children together into the hall gives us a chance to find out more about them. Interestingly there are no girls. There are eighteen altogether, five of whom are living on the street. One boy of about twelve told us about his daily routine which was to get up each morning then go to the local market to beg. 100 francs (about 11p) buys a cup of tea. Another 100 francs gets him a cake for his lunch.

Yes, lunch is today’s new thing. It is important to us because having launched the street children’s project we are starting to see practical work being done. The Lord willing, this is just a start.