Garden visitors

Garden visitors

One of the delights of sitting in our garden, aside from panoramic views of Kigali, is the variety of wildlife that comes by. If we are up early enough, the first glows of morning bring a crowd of eagles circling and sometimes settling in the avocado tree. There is a heron, perhaps three feet tall that flits between the bottom of the garden and next door’s roof.

The little chap above is a regular visitor to the purple shrub outside our front door and decidedly more colourful than the local equivalent of starlings that scrap amongst themselves for pickings on the grass.

There is one bird that we haven’t seen yet but hear often. Imagine the sound of a plastic pipe being swung around the head. We call it the telephone bird because it sounds like someone’s mobile phone.

And of course there are the local crows, the size of overgrown cats. Here they sport white breasts making them look like magpies, which are also members of the crow family.