Christmas Spirit


Things are starting to get busy as we try to make sure everything is done before the Christmas break as well as organise the extra activities that come along with the season of goodwill. There must be something in our genetic makeup that turns us into manic depressives at this time of year. There isn’t so much as a snowman in sight and bright sunshine hardly cultivates a Christmas spirit, yet we can feel the pressure is on.

We asked some of the INN Club what Christmas gifts they hoped to receive. Answers ranged from fruit to biscuits. One aspect of life in Rwanda that we have found hardest to adjust to is the vast gulf between the relative wealth we left behind and that of even the better off among the people we are working with. There is another gap between these people and those that have absolutely nothing.

Yet the people here carry with them a dignity and courage that are humbling. They accept life as it is and get on with it. A hard lesson to learn is that no matter how unkindly we think life is treating us, someone far worse off is never far away.

In the meantime we are trying hard to get into the Christmas mood. There are family at home to organise and planning to be done for our own festivities. The INN Club is organising its Christmas party and the street children will be getting a treat on Christmas day. They will enjoy themselves, snow or no snow.