Rwamagana women's group

Rwamagana is a new town which lies an hour's bus ride eastwards from Kigali. It is new in the sense that it has been entirely built since the genocide in 1994.

In 2013 we decided to expand our efforts away from Kigali city and started working with Pastor Constantin Gasore at the Evangelical Restoration Church in Rwamagana.The church runs a small primary school for local children and also gives help to poorer families in the local area.

The church helped us find a group of six women who had no income and around thirty children to support between them. Two had been diagnosed with HIV.

Mission Rwanda gave funding for the women to start up small businesses in the town. They are now selling shoes, DVD's (think Blockbuster) and potatoes. One lady is hiring out marquees for weddings.

We are following the progress of these families and with help from donations will continue working with Pastor Constantin to improve the lives of other families in Rwamagana.