Project work

Our work divides into three areas:

We help children attend school so that they will have a better chance of earning an income once they are grown. Many children in Rwanda do not attend school simply because they have no money. Often they have no father in the home and a mother who isn't able to earn an income.

We are also working with individuals and groups who are engaged in what are known in Rwanda as income-generation activities. The vast majority of people there either have no income or earn very little. A typical day’s wage for a labourer is £1 – £2 and many find it difficult to buy even basic foodstuffs.

We feed children who are malnourished and help their families establish a means of providing for themselves.

We are working with churches in Rwanda to help them develop their resources so as to help the poor in their local areas.

Rutonde Goats and Porridge

Rutonde district is the Presbyterian Church parish of Pastor Jean D'Amour. The area is 10 kilometers and a fifty minute journey by vehicle. Poverty among local families is easy to see.

Rwamagana women's group

Rwamagana is a new town which lies an hour's bus ride eastwards from Kigali. It is new in the sense that it has been entirely built since the genocide in 1994.

Nyamirambo children

Nyamirambo is an expanding district on the southern perimeter of Kigali city. The area is known in the city for its mosque and football stadium as well as for being one of the rougher areas of the city.