Some thinking on Little Bull

Feb 1 2018

Everyone was excited about the arrival of Little Bull before Christmas. The prospects weren't too clear but general consensus among those of us who know absolutely nothing about this was that having a bull must be a good thing. As it turns out, after talking to people who know more about these things than we do, having a bull isn't so exciting after all.

The situation we face is that little bulls tend to grow into big bulls. The technique, if one is looking for a bull market, is to sell the animal before it gets too big. The older the thing gets, old being anything over nine months or so, the less it is worth. A bit like trying to sell a second-hand Ferrari - looks impressive but guzzles fuel like there is no tomorrow and isn't worth as much as you had hoped. In our case, Little Bull will get to the point where he is drinking the milk from his mother that we need to sell.

So it looks like Little Bull's tenure is unlikely to be a long one. On the bright side though, we did hear that there was a new burger bar opening in the middle of Kigali.