Back in Kigali

Jan 9 2017

Once again we are back in Kigali to visit old friends and look over our projects. This is the time of year when it is no hardship to leave a white and frozen Scotland for temperatures that are a little more comfortable in a t-shirt. This time, for all the equatorial warmth, we have been met by thunder, lightning and lots of rain. The inside of our accommodation hasn't been a lot drier. Our first room had to be evacuated when the toilet cistern overflowed. Last night, the shower came on in the middle of the night of its own accord. This is Africa.

As ever in January, the big job is to get our Nyamirambo children back to school. This year, young Alice will be the last of the group to leave primary school. All the children will now be in secondary school and we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Mary from Loanhead Church is with us this trip and we will be catching up with Marietherese and her Saturday children's church, some of which children are being sponsored by Loanhead.

We have heard of exciting things happening at our Rutonde porridge project where we have started monitoring the health of the children taken onto the programme. A visit there is scheduled for later in the week.