Cow update

Oct 3 2017

Two years ago, Loanhead Church bought a cow. The cow then had a calf and started providing a steady supply of milk which was sold. One of the beneficiaries of this milk money was a widow who was given a sewing machine which she has been using to earn a living. The lady has just completed a batch of ten shopping bags, by special request, which will return with us at the end of this trip.

Last year, the early wet season rains were unusually heavy and washed away a lot of soil. When the dry season came along there wasn't enough grass for the calf to eat and, sadly, it died.

The good news this year is that the cow is pregnant again and with another calf in the offing, we can expect another supply of milk and perhaps even another sewing machine for someone. As an added bonus, the cow doesn't milk itself and a boy earns a wage each day for making it all happen.

There are far worse investments than a cow.