Refugees and a wedding

Jun 22 2015

Home for much of this trip will be the Scripture Union rooms in Kigali.

The place is a continual hive of activity. Last Saturday the grounds are being used for a traditional Rwanda wedding. Guests sit and listen to speeches, watch the giving of gifts and generally act as an audience for the proceedings which take most of the day.

Another audience looks on from the sidelines. Scripture Union is involved in a programme to repatriate Congolese refugees to new homes around the world. These forlorn souls, many of them children, watch on as attentively as the invited guests.

The refugees have been brought into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo where militia groups have been operating. They will spend three weeks at Scripture Union receiving food and medicines while paperwork is processed to allow them on to a new life.

These people don't know what the future has in store for them. All they can do during this time of transit is sit patiently and watch the world go by. A wedding is as good entertainment as any.