Feb 7 2015

Marie-Therese Milindi is the Children's Director at Scripture Union in Kigali. A woman with a huge heart for others, it is no secret that she gets her strength from the Lord.

Not content with her day job, she also holds a “Saturday Church” in her garden for some very poor children from her neighbourhood. Less that two years ago, three children visited her and she began to teach them songs, Bible verses, to pray and to listen to a Bible story. Now this group has swelled to 25 and the children themselves regularly recite Bible verses, lead the singing and prayers, openly showing their love for Jesus.

After a short Bible story and short talk they receive their porridge (made with maize flour, milk and sugar) and a mandazi, so they go home with a full tummy and filled with the love of Jesus.

On our visit, we gave each child a small notebook and pencil. On Sunday, some of them visited Marie-Therese asking if they could copy down the words of their Bible verses into the notebooks!!!

“Come, follow me”, said Jesus, “and I will make you fishers of men” (Mark 1: verse 17).