Meg Foundation School

Feb 4 2015

It was good to catch up with old friends at Meg Foundation School last week and meet the four classes of nursery children. Felice is now a trained teacher working with nursery two and Claire was giving some extra help to a pupil who has just joined her nursery two class. When we arrived, all the children were enjoying their morning porridge cooked by Francoise. She also provides lunch for 114 of the poorest children who are supported through the Meg Foundation.

When Gavin and I stayed in Kigali I spent two or three days a week teaching the youngest children English through songs and play. I was also involved with the primary children who attend a homework club and helped some of the many volunteers who come during the holidays to train the teachers and improve the pupils English through fun and games.

As well as providing education, Meg Foundation School is home to the Kinamba Women's project who make crafts which they sell in Kigali and to visitors to the school. Like many others we had come to buy bags and stuffed toys to take back home and sell. This provides support for the women and their families, the feeding project and extra funds for Mission Rwanda and Loanhead Parish church to plough back into their own work in the country.