Repairs to Mellisa's House

Mellisa's house

A while back we told the story of Mellisa a her family whose house had been damaged in heavy rains that swept Rwanda last year. During our last visit in January we made arrangements for repairs to be carried out so that the family could have full use of their house again.

We call the building a house and that is what the locals call it. More accurately it is three small rooms, each with a door onto the yards where daily life takes place.

A new roof has been put on which overhangs the walls further than the old one, giving some shelter. Gutters have also been fashioned to allow the family to collect rainwater. Two new doors have been added in place of the sheeting which used to hang in the door frames. Ventilation bricks have been added and the walls rendered around all four sides to give weather protection.

As an added bonus, the family have been able to move a makeshift shelter which once served as a toilet to be used as a cook-house. Previously, the family cooked in one of the rooms of the house.