A new face

May 8 2012

It is that time of year again in Rwanda and school fees have been paid for our Kigali children's project. As well getting the kids back into school for another term, paying the fees gets them their previous term's report cards (see article School reports).

The new has term brought with it another child, brought to the project by one of the schools. Ibrahim is twelve years old and living with his sister who is slightly older. Their mother is dead and father is in prison. Ibrahim has been going to school but not every day as he has been having to spend time looking for food. Three teachers from the school took the time to show our Steven the childrens house which is similar to others we have encountered in that area of Kigali. Think garden shed with mud walls and an earth floor.

So we Ibrahim is now the latest recruit to the project. Fortunately, the house where he lives is owned by the family, so he and his sister at least have somewhere to sleep, if little else. We are trying to find a way to have someone cook a meal each day for both of them so that they can concentrate on their schooling.