The knitting is relentless

The knitting is relentless

The Loanhead ladies have been at it again, churning out knitted baby clothes like a factory production line.

This trip we have 200 jumpers to give to Pastor Francis at Embrace Rwanda. Every football strip on the planet is represented and a few more besides.

The practicalities of delivering 200 jumpers across Kigali to Remera where Pastor Francis has his office have always presented a challenge. Rucksacks have been used and last time it was two cardboard cartons. This time, an empty 50kg sack of sugar was requisitioned from the Scripture Union kitchens.

The means of transport is not as important as getting the jumpers delivered across Rwanda to the various centres where Embrace Rwanda run their women's projects. Without counting them, there must be close to a thousand children across the land cosseted in Loanhead jumpers.