Horns and hooves

Horns and hooves

Mission Rwanda is moving into livestock. At Rwamagana we have purchased a cow to provide for a family where the mother has cancer. In Kigali, during our last visit we acquired another four hoofs with the support of Loanhead Parish Church to provide for a family there which is struggling to eat.

Cow economics are only a step up from rabbits and goats. They breed, provide manure and valuable milk. A milk-giving cow will provide enough in a month to pay two basic wages. As an investment this beats the bank hands-down.

Our second cow is being looked after by Marie Therese Millindi and her husband Jean Pierre. Like our cow in Rwamagana, this one is also pregnant and expected to give birth in May.

Compared to goats and rabbits, cows are long-term investments but the return is worth the wait. They provide an effective way of creating valuable income for people in need.