A blog from Mary

A blog from Mary

I arrived in Kigali on my own, in the dark and late at night after a long journey from Edinburgh which included a 2-hour delay in Brussels due to snow and all I could ask myself was “What on earth am I doing here?”

A week later I am now fairly familiar with some of the public transport, can confidently use the currency and am picking up a few phrases in Kinyarwanda daily.

I have seen a bit of life here which tourists don't normally tend to see and have heard many harrowing stories. With Bronwen's experience and help I am delighted to be taking small steps in helping Loanhead Parish Church support some of the very vulnerable people in this lovely country.

A member of one church team we visited now knows the Selkirk Grace!

And as for the question “What on earth am I doing here?”

After only a week – I think I have the answer!