The bishops head west


Monday afternoon saw the CPR bus headed westwards into the setting sun for a two-day get together with the church leaders and donor organisations. The destination was Bethany guest house at Kibuye on Lake Kivu 150 Km west of Kigali. This was our opportunity to begin involving the churches in the various activities, including poverty reduction, that we are working on.

Before the sun did set, a dramatic thunderstorm awaited us as we approached the lake. After months of drought, it looks like the wet season has arrived, and with a vengeance too. Thunder boomed right above our heads and the entire sky kept lighting up with electrical charge as night overtook us. We arrived in pitch black to teaming rain which was welcome if inconvenient.

The conference itself was less dramatic on the pyrotechnics front but still saw a lot of constructive work nevertheless. Our presentations seemed well received.

If anyone is interested in a quiet retreat set among idyllic palm trees and volcanic islands, they could do worse than take a couple of weeks at Kibuye. The guest house is actually a small hotel run by the Presbyterian church and sits right on the water front. The restaurant serves fresh fish out of the lake, the staff are friendly, and the room prices very reasonable at between £15 and £35 per night.